Hairstyle Korean

Latest Asian Style and Trends 2014 Korean Men Hair Models, Fashion and K-pop music was still a trend up to this day. Korean artists look quite interesting and loaded with fresh elements took my interest in fashion enthusiasts.

Hairstyle Korean 2014 into madness young children today. In collaboration with the best hairdressers from Korea, Kim Tae Hyun, L'Oreal Professionel Korea.Hyun Tae create hairstyles that have over 20 years experience in the field of hair ornament ever famous Korean artists such as Super Junior and Psy.

In Style HairStyle Korean Men Latest 2014, the two sides of the hair is cut short, this model actually has long been a trend in the world in 90N, but the Korean hair designer with a smart new design makes this model with more fresh and futuristic. Haircut man known as the Mohicans will make you look more clean and macho.

Here we give some of the models had hair Korean artists to be inspired hairdo you.

Hairstyle Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik of One Direction is the personnel most handsome and looks more calm. Personnel One Direction's Muslim does have its own charm. In addition to more muted than HairStyles, reportedly He is also very romantic.

Became famous all over the world to make Zayn Malik in the spotlight, not to mention the hair style of the boy band One Direction's personnel. As if to follow the trend, in 2014 the Zayn also changed his hairstyle.

If previous Zayn hairstyle looks charming with spikes and blonde topknot now she changed her hair style with messy hair style and cover the forehead so it looks more fresh.

No doubt with this new hairstyle looks more teens Zayn according to age. He also looks more sweet and naughty unimpressed. For a man with a face like Zayn box, hair style like this should also be a reference. And this is a model example of the latest hairstyle Zayn Malik.

That was an example of a model of the latest hairstyles Zayn Malik.

Hairstyle For Round Face Girl

Have a round face can be a particular challenge in choosing hairstyles . Especially if you want to have a short hair style that is perfect for your round face . You need to consider is the overall length of the hair , framing the face , and also bangs . This style is great for many reasons , but not for too long using this haircut if your face does not look fresh .

You should be able to determine which one is suitable or not for your round face . If you have a round face and want a short hairstyle , here are a few options that might be suitable for you . This short hairstyle is suitable for those who have hair with medium thickness and a natural texture .

However , you must be careful if you plan to dye your own hair . One or uneven color will make your hair look weird . The solution , you need to buy some products to keep your hairstyle longer. Here are some of Hairstyle For Round Face Girl can you consider to be applied to your hair .

that's shoulder length hairstyles for round faces that I have given to you. Hope can increase your knowledge, and become your new hair style choices to make it look more attractive.

Hairstyle Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristian Ronaldo HairStyle 2014 athletes and famous actors will almost always be ideal for an individual because of someone . Not all athletes can become a celebrity soccer like Cristiano Ronaldo . Well it should be thousands of fans menjari even thousands of people all over the world . Apart from his exploits uninteresting expert plays in the round leather , Cristiano Ronaldo is also clever in style . no wonder so many women are attracted to him .

Well , Cristiano Ronaldo had a celebrity in the world not only as a result of the overall performance in football field , but he has earned the fans further by making the people who should be able to pull themselves by wearing different hair. By keeping this in view of some hairdressers have just give the entire collection of hair pieces in which they have received including all the hairstyle is used by only Cristiano Ronaldo collection called along with Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles and new hair in 2014 .

Hairdresser get noted that Cristiano Ronaldo Hair do and also haircut in 2014 along with the hair style can be very well known in the FIFA World Glass where he has done well and got your eye on the people in them . they have become iconic trend for anyone to lift durability boy features you want to Cristiano Ronaldo style their hair . Here are some hairstyle cristiano ronaldo wear.

Thus some Hair Style Cristiano Ronaldo in the year 2014. Hope can be an inspiration for your haircut.

Hairstyles For Man

This time we will give an example of a model image latest hairstyles for men, for those of you who are confused to choose the model or also looking for a hair style model, you can see below are some models hairstyle trends latest men 2014.

Hair trend is not just for women. Men also have their own hairstyle which is expected to be much favored in the 2014's. Hairstyles men are not as many women who can be made a variety of "flavors".

2014 men's hairstyle trends are still dominated by the probability model that trend in the previous year. Example is the model undercuts, and models derived from it. Although, he actually can look elegant with long hair.

Hairstyle For Man Short


That's some of the latest men's hair styles that we can share to you. Hopefully useful and good luck with your new hair.