Hairstyle Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik of One Direction is the personnel most handsome and looks more calm. Personnel One Direction's Muslim does have its own charm. In addition to more muted than HairStyles, reportedly He is also very romantic.

Became famous all over the world to make Zayn Malik in the spotlight, not to mention the hair style of the boy band One Direction's personnel. As if to follow the trend, in 2014 the Zayn also changed his hairstyle.

If previous Zayn hairstyle looks charming with spikes and blonde topknot now she changed her hair style with messy hair style and cover the forehead so it looks more fresh.

No doubt with this new hairstyle looks more teens Zayn according to age. He also looks more sweet and naughty unimpressed. For a man with a face like Zayn box, hair style like this should also be a reference. And this is a model example of the latest hairstyle Zayn Malik.

That was an example of a model of the latest hairstyles Zayn Malik.

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