Health tips lose weight , belly fat reduce

As long as a little plump is not wrong in itself. However, if the weight below or normal means its a limit reference to Good health. But if your weight is growing height means it causes as diabetes,BP. At that time you need to lose some weight then implications for the your Good health. In this particular article  let you know the if the weight exceed then which type problems come and how loose your weight all things .Before study this you can read this How to Lose Weight Home Remedies tips then you will know some useful information .

Stomach grow even more dangerous for health 

fat around the stomach called as Central obesity . We are multiple layers around the stomach. Central obesity  just inside the stomach, skin, muscle fat filled in the stomach . the people who are having obesity than those who grew up in the stomach getting Diabetes,height BP, hyper Exacerbating the condition of the fat in the blood simple  so the chances are more to come. Therefore, an increase in fat around the abdomen compared to the normal fat (belly up) is even more dangerous.when ever you want lose belly fat just follow this steps How can we reduce Abdominal or belly fat methods without doing without any exercise. That is not in our hands in order to Getting fat Endocrine problems, genetic factors,  Infect medication. Not in our hands, it can be avoided.

What example conditions to get weight 

 so in our daily life we use lifts without the need for stairs to up in house ,   you can use your remote to change TV channels , Using water tap , Showers at least no landing form the car we oreder the food to the mouth.   

Things to Do Every day For lose weight tips 
  1. You can need to Eat vegetables to help reduce fat .Reduce sugar to get a good health 
  2. its better eating fruits, cashew nuts, almonds, Pistachio nuts instead of Snacks 
  3. Drink plenty of water through out day . 
  4. Stay busy do work every time 
  5. Eat only from a plate 
  6. Don't skip meals.

Is DRY fruits have an abundance of nutrients & Health benefits ?

Dry fruit like Cashew nuts,Walnuts,Raisins,Almonds is best for Health and Is Prune (DRY fruits ) have an abundance of nutrients and its used for good Health ? so here we give dome dry fruit health benefits when you have good Health means you are filling with Colors of feelings in your life the good health based on your Food habits so when ever you take dry fruite its better option for your health . the main benefits from prune  Iron is plenty of raisins. It encompasses the development of anemia. Vitamin B can be used in the production of blood cells. Prune the more lepton to control appetite. If daiting were so taken with food more often will, be taken. The anti-oxidants such as viruses, bacteria fighting. Because of the infection, such as fever, all hindered.

 Health benefits from Prune (DRY fruit ) 

 in the blood The toxin acidosis will causes for skin deceases , arthritis, cancer, tumors can cause them.  so in the dry fruit  have potassium, magnesium acidosis  protect the health of control. Since the bones are stronger than calcium raisins.  

Some other 5 best DRY fruit Health benefits 

thse are one of the top 4 Health benefits from DRY fruits

  1.  All Dry Fruit help control cholesterol
  2.  blood sugar
  3.  prevents migraines
  4. High blood pressure (BP).

wet hair Will cause to turn cold ?

today question is wet hair Will cause to turn cold ? With respect to the common the myth for cold as well as many speculated i.e wet hair out of the turn to cause Cold. Moreover, as soon as the hairbath also reason for the cold this is also one of the faithful for all people . 

Is it real wet hair Will cause to turn cold or fase ?

Drenched in the rain, calilo rotating the view that the common cold is also a long dive. 

Main cause for Cold In summer ? 

The common cold is caused by a microorganism. The cause of hundreds of types of viruses. The virus enters the body, the immune system will dominate.

 So above all the reasons for getting cold or does not come out of the water  or head bath or other silly reasons . Almost all of the viruses that cause cold locations, are all the seasons. 

Anthony into the health system of our body can have an impact only in weak time. As well as being longer, even at the risk of suffering from cold. so its better to cover your face with hands when youare sneeze.

Tight Fashions dress causes back pain &' problems

Its true if wear Tight Fashions clothes dress then it must causes back pain &  Health problems so don't use tight dress all time you can wear comfortable fashion dresses only .Tight dress Fashions causes back pain Many of us try to be stay fashionable and stylish with there tight dresses For this reason they wear more tight clothes. However Fashions dresses to emphasize the cause of nerve problems and leading to problems such as back pain this warn by experts .The experts from New Delhi MR. Suraj baphna explains back pain  this issue.

 Health problems and  back pain problems came to wear the fashion Tight clothes dress 

► Tight dress Fashions jeans causing stress on the muscles, waist, hips so its also It can cause the knee joint pains.
► wear heavy bags also lead to health problems. On one hand
► the most common putting bag in one side only so Putting more weight back on the same side of the bag to take on a greater burden. It can also cause back pain.
►In cities most women wear high heels on the  feet this causes exert pressure on the spin , muscles as deterioration and also problems with the blood circulation, digestion can also cause the kneecap. so use light weight comfortable footwear in this situation.

tips to avoid back pain &  Health problems from  fashion 

1) dont wear heavy dresses 
2) use light weight dresses 
3) use comfortable shoes it best for legs 

New luxury Expo designer clothes 2015 Poliston sculptures

Its changeling to mentaine latest luxury designer clothes for now a days in 2015 its not not an easy thing to come if you Reflecting the luxury diversity of lifestyle and stylish miracle is the same address for those who wish to show there fashion  . Novotel Madhapur luxury hotel complex houses the High Life Exhibition once again to entertain the residents of this rare combination.  this luxury dresse made from Ghaziabad from metal to dress the best palces in this presentation are a number of designer brands.

Poliston sculptures and designer clothes 

This is similar to the opening of the Expo more important  of expensive designer dress and Artificial Flowers, Silver Furniture in this the unimaginable diversity of material used to make the products of the interior are available appeals.

 from the cities of india like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai  of the participating manufacturers. Aloknath Bollywood, Tollywood rising stars Mansa, parinidhi, Sona long-sight and others on Wednesday attended the opening ceremony as guests. The presentation lasts for three days. Tags: Lifestyle, High Life Exhibition of luxury, designer clothing, actor aloknath, sitiplas, Lifestyle, High Life Luxury Exhibition, Designer clothing, Bollywood actor alok nath, cityplus.

New luxury Expo designer clothes 2015 For women

Men  luxury designer Expo clothes

Latest trendy Boutique designer clothes Saress Blouses For wedding 2015

wedding function need Latest trendy Boutique designer clothes and designer Saress Blouses For wedding 2015 Every one thought that Latest trendy Boutique designer clothes would be a matter of cost However if the Boutique designer clothes available at the rates of economy then who says know every one want unique clothing with Reasonable prices of women's designer clothing, so the designers have started to take this Boutique designer clothes designs available to here available all Bridal innovative packages, New boutique saree blouse design 2015 , Kurla, designer sarees, blouse along with anarkali special varieties designed for working women. this section covers all Boutique Wedding dress, trying to provide everything from everyday affordable prices. 

About Latest wedding trendy Boutique designer clothes Package of Saress Blouses  

Now a days all are want to Along with the Wedding dress of the bride dress and the bride's family is responsible for the formation same package with best designs . In this package they need wedding clothing for the bride's parents  siblings in the number of members, as well as the packages they choose to dress designs.

Latest trendy Special Boutique wedding Blouses clothes 2015 

 cudi digital print blouse made of the material Stitch with Fine cuts, rather than fitting , today's youth impressive for this trendy blouse to match different saris.The red color of the gray color sariki Hynek simple workshop will highlight blouse. The blouse is made of various types of material to work hand katdana not Saree gagralaku also can match.

Latest trendy Boutique Designer Sarees  

This section not only for Blouse, chair, dress making bit also get Designer saris with Material quota Orange and Blue colors gives beautiful Look. Now days all are mostly used Work kalankari in the the latest dress designs. All of this work has attracted vast amounts of natural colors.

For south side people they have Telugu design saress interest to them. tehy prepare desingser dreses for any of their region, well known for their interest and The Nativity, they give value the customer's passion for taste, texture will be made in accordance with the dress. As well as our services are available through more online. Abroad and other cities, they will dress appropriately and given to the needs of the woman.

Boutique designer clothes Blouses 

Latest trendy Fashion For south wedding  Boutique designer clothes Saress Blouse 2015

Latest long lovely kurta Trends Designs 2015-2016

This time we focus on trendy and fashion Latest long lovely Girls ladies kurta Trends Designs collection 2015-2016 The disappearance of feet on the ground when you wear long kurta then you feel like queen. long kurta is symbol of Indian Tradition as well as Modernism at a time, women who wear it without a thought.

Recently this long kutha palced first place in the traditional dress .This is new verspn of Yesterday fashion ternd of salwar kamijku , today's fashion designers to make this long kurta in tradition, and modernity . In particular patterns to suit the context of the all people.  you can wear this long kutha for both  parties and wedding functions .find here  latest Summer Churidar Collection 2015

In addition to the advantage of the long kurta will give slim look .If you have big Stomach, waist, and  but it shows to u like slim , now Kurta slivs 3/4 is very much demand. The sleeveless also running short.

Images for Latest long kurta Trends Designs  

Most popular list  long kurta Trends 2015

There are several different models within Neck patterns , Kurtisnu cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, the C-cut, anarkali style, A-linnet,Ankle length, 3/4 length currently reigns the world of fashion . It can make all kinds of materials. However, they are bold silk, fabrics, such as choosing a good Mal Mal.    kurtilu these days are the most popular list.

In addition to the embroidery long kurta

Kurtilu make with heavy embroidery work at the main attraction trend now . As such, the long kurta usually pick up the embroidery, prints lightening. Embroidered traditional events, trade fairs held in the offices of the plain, the prints were shown dressed in a personalized style.

Some embroidery long kurta collection

if you want Changes your fashion to additions new trend then you must wear long kurta 

Boring salwar kameez worn on a regular basis are also extended to the slight modification to the toes. For this purpose, the edges of the larger market these long kurta embroidery are available. Kurtaku attached to the existing ones and put the bottom wearing a legging.  

Irregular Periods problems solutions (Home Remedies)

Generally women at the 40-45 years of age periods  may be stooped so this is known as menopause. After the 12 months of consecutive monthly to the age of menopause, if it is determined step. Like the main reason for the  late periods decreased projestiran estrogen which is  contribute to menstrual, hormone production hence The hormonal balance is disrupted. As a result of hot flashes, palpitation, symptoms can appear, such as lack of concentration. Many of these not care these period problems  but if you follow some Home Remedies can get relief from these Irregular Periods symptoms.

Irregular Periods solutions tips Home Remedies 

you can take below food from your home then you can releaf from irregular periods 
1. Ginger 
2. Cinnamon
3. Sesame Seeds and Jaggery
4. Aloe Vera
5. Unripe Papaya
6. Turmeric

Some easy tips to recover from Irregular Periods problems
  1. Natural threads of cotton clothing, wear suitable clothes for easy removal
  2. make a habit of sleeping at the same time on a regular basis

Best Treatments for irregular periods  : there are many latest Treatments available in the market all of them some of Treatments give good results the first and best one is Hormone therapy it helps a lot for the solutions of  irregular periods and it can make as regular periods so after that you can go for Surgery then you must got to famous doctor .

The main  causes get irregular periods include:

  there are many causes to happen for this irregular periods here we give some of the reasons during the  Pregnancy or breastfeeding ,Polycystic ovary disease ,Changing birth control pills  or miss use of these pills some other reaosn are Uterine fibroids and  Excessive exercise