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wow this Curiosity time for richest boxing fight between mayweather vs pacquiao and the All the world looking forward to the imminent moments. you can get the details like total audience prize money of the match  and HD images/wallpapers  many more .lets wait the final results will be know in a few hours up to five years waitng . In the history of the boxing world, " this is richest Game Fight venue of MGM Grand Garden Arena   . For this mayweather vs pacquiao boxing match Tickets for the 16,800 seats already sold like hot cakes. 1900 crore set for boxing throughout the fight. so now we see the fight between mayweather vs pacquiao Boxing game who will be the champion get ready for this match .

Mevethar undefeated 38-year-old veteran of the United States boxing player he Won the championship 14 times in boxing. The 36-year-old of the Philippines boxer  pacquiao who are also undefeated until 2007. The commute for the math decision was taken that day  Fight between the two operators. They did not fight and never face to face. So, today, millions of boxing fans around the world waiting for the moment. Mevethar defense excelled, hitting the defense much prefer large wound to the body.  pacquiao not waiting for the counterattack. That is why he is nicknamed  . Their fight is on now as to the issue of the future of boxing.  

Prize money and highlights for this mayweather vs pacquiao HD Live streaming match
  1. The winner will get the 1900 crore championship match are three emeralds expensive - (Emeralds), and  1147 crore prize money will be provided.
  2.  the loser will get 765 crores.
  3. mayweather and pacquiao purchased 900 tickets for their supporters For this purpose each of them has been spent Rs 25 crore and Live TV online to see Mayweather-pakiyav 90 US dollars (about Rs .5700 ) pay.  
  4. There are already nearly Rs 500 crore in the form of tickets. Fall into a few hundred crores of rupees through TV rights. Their details have not been disclosed.
  5. -2007 World Championship match in a boxing fans around the world, 25 million people are estimated to live viewing. This time it is estimated that 30 crore viewing.

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