Tight Fashions dress causes back pain &' problems

Its true if wear Tight Fashions clothes dress then it must causes back pain &  Health problems so don't use tight dress all time you can wear comfortable fashion dresses only .Tight dress Fashions causes back pain Many of us try to be stay fashionable and stylish with there tight dresses For this reason they wear more tight clothes. However Fashions dresses to emphasize the cause of nerve problems and leading to problems such as back pain this warn by experts .The experts from New Delhi MR. Suraj baphna explains back pain  this issue.

 Health problems and  back pain problems came to wear the fashion Tight clothes dress 

► Tight dress Fashions jeans causing stress on the muscles, waist, hips so its also It can cause the knee joint pains.
► wear heavy bags also lead to health problems. On one hand
► the most common putting bag in one side only so Putting more weight back on the same side of the bag to take on a greater burden. It can also cause back pain.
►In cities most women wear high heels on the  feet this causes exert pressure on the spin , muscles as deterioration and also problems with the blood circulation, digestion can also cause the kneecap. so use light weight comfortable footwear in this situation.

tips to avoid back pain &  Health problems from  fashion 

1) dont wear heavy dresses 
2) use light weight dresses 
3) use comfortable shoes it best for legs 

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