latest Weight Loss Tips advises 2015-2016

Are you suffering from Heavy weight so you need to follow some Weight Loss Tips then you can get good body . here we provide all Latest and New Weight Loss Tips additives 2015-2016 Weight loss is the context of slimming than our weight. According to health measure BMI (Body Mass Index) is taken as the standard measurement for fat based on mass and height of the body. According to BMI, irrespective of shape the fat equated than mass and height is taken as access content and if it is neglected leads to obesity. Required quantity of fat in the body helps to maintain metabolism by digestion, transport and extraction. They can’t make it on their own but in the form of fatty acids act as messengers and help proteins do their job. Chemically Fatty acids are called “Triglycerides”.Some time its better to know how to reduce cancer and how fall down the weight then you can good information .

Some points on Weight Loss Tips 2015

Many are in illusion that only excess fat is leading to heavy body. But having less weight of fat is not only a health conscious.these are best Weight Loss Tips for the year 2015. There are many other reasons effecting body weight. We know that Melatonin hormone is responsible for our body’s life cycle. In this way Hormones, blood content, muscles, bones etc. each and every part of our body is playing their own role in our body. May not only the excess fat is factor, other factors like life style, eating habits, sleeping habits, psychological factors also influence the weight increase or decrease. 

According to a survey a man requires a sleep of four cycles of one and half hour in a day, not necessarily in continuous manner without any disturbance. if you want Weight Loss Tips advises 2015 then you can get read below tips Many lose control over their sleeping habit because of their stress and other external factors which leads to hormonal imbalance. 

It’s not the factor of losing weight, it the matter of losing weight of excess thoughts. Managing oneself is important than fashions and attractions. Eating wisely, working smartly, living happily leads to right action of life.
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Apart from this who wanted to lose weight, first of all they need to throw off the inferiority complex that they are over weighted. Better not to take others criticisms to mind. They need to strongly decide in mind to have control over food. Taking food wisely is important. Having nutritional food is important than tasty and junk food. Strong determination of doing consistent exercise of 40 minutes daily without miss helps a lot. Caution: over exercise leady to body imbalance. One should take care of unavoidable thing is water. Taking sufficient water helps in healing body avoiding bad fat. Doing yoga and meditation helps in keeping our self in control of thoughts. Having habit of any immovable game like caroms or chess, It is better to choose any movable games like shuttle, cricket, volley ball, swimming etc. It is better to give movement to the body as much as we can rather sitting in the same place and doing same work. One simple logic behind all these activities is our body is habituate to the things whatever we do. Generally it adopts our action in more about 2 or 3 days. For example a SUMO(traditional Chinese wrestler) can have 20,000 calories in a day which is 10 times more than a normal male. Why this difference happened? They habituate the body to that gradually. In the same way losing weight is possible with our strong determination and consistent work.

We see many people trying to lose weight in overnight. This leads to hormonal imbalance and damage in metabolism which is so called side effects. Losing weight is not lottery; it is the effort we show.

Some tips and tricks of losing weight involves 2015 

1) In early morning a big cup of hot water with lemon and honey helps reducing access fat.
2) Once or twice in a week taking Barley water helps reducing waste from urine and purifying body. Better to take in holidays.
3) Taking Idly as breakfast is better than Dosa or other than any other item which avoids oil.
4) Avoid Masala. Avoid Pungent and salty items. Better to have boiled vegetables than fried one helps a lot.
5) Eating fruits than having juice is better. If one prefers taking as juice, it is better to avoid ice and sugar in it.
6) One more tip is taking pomegranate juice without pealing the fruit which results in bitter taste. This juice helps as best for constipation and washes out the stomach. Better to take this as a medicine and it will be preferable to take on holidays. This activity can be done once or twice in a month.
7) If one likes to eat meat it is better to have sea food which reduce fat levels. Preferably boiled ones.
8) It is better to eat several times less quantity in a day than at a time.

These are few simple tips which can awaken us to be more conscious about our diet habits. Better not to stay without eating, it is better to eat less and it is better to eat more times. In a gist it is better to be tired physically than mentally.

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