Top Natural Beauty Tips Home Remedies skin, hair, face, body

Here learn  Top Natural Beauty Tips  Home Remedies for skin , hair , face , body . Every young people want Beauty so they all ways check for latest beauty Tips Beauty is happiness and happiness will make our life joyful said  by the great poet. The beauty explain is very beautiful .For getting good beauty today's youth use lot of chemicals but these are not good for face use natural and  Home Remedies to get good hair the main benefit form these there is no side effects .What is meant by beauty its a force or energy . Beauty will Increases our confidence that energy then Mind gives morale. beauty will attract Every one so all are interested and care about beaty  and the world is turning around beauty .  In this summer you must take look at the Latest Summer Makeup Tips 2015 for better health .

wherever you go to Parties, celebrations, especially you fell look pretty but without makeup its very impossible get beauty so here find out the  implications of beauty tips.before apply Mekap  it must be kept in mind about your skin color.  Wash your face with a mixture of lemon and rose water mixed before add colors to your face .

  • Eyebrow shape also very important to beauty so draw pencil shape. After a light-colored coat will apply with aside brush.  Now the bite is in the eye narrowing of the eyes look beautiful.
  • clean your face without wet write down moisturizer. Those who have oil skin they can apply oil-free moisturizer .moisturizer  close to the body color of the write down of the foundation. 
  • eye, around Lips have some black dots to disappear this dots you need to write cote and Five, ten minute to write down powder.  
  • Take potato and cut into small pieces and make it like a juice then mixed with warm water and The egg white after that Apply on your hair. after an hour wash your face. You can do this one in a week to get healthy hair.

Lips Beauty tips Home Remedies

are facing lips turn to Pale then follow this beauty tip sugar is melted with beetroot piece of soaked in water then rub the lips then you can get so much color and healthy.

Other Home Remedies tip for lip

Coconut oil mixed with honey apply to lips and do some massage do this some days then it reduce the lips dry Problem  or cracked down by problems and you lips are flexible.

 Home Remedies for Beauty tips for face 

  1. Two carrots and a potato boiled to make a paste. Pack the mixture together with a little Curd,  then wash face with warm water  . If do this every week you  can removes wrinkles on your face .
  2. Bring  a tomato and cut in round shape  . Then celan your face after that apply the slices of tomato and chopped circle soft wash for five minutes to be anointed. Using this nautral beaty tip  yo can get fresh face 

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