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Best Nail Polish Ideas 2015 Tips Nail Art pics Our hand nails grow at an average of 3.5 millimeters .Leg(toe) nails grow slowly compared to  Hand nails  nails.toe nails grow only by 1.6 mm in a month . Some nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter.Men's nails grow faster than women slightly. However, the speed of the increase in pregnancies in women slowly clawed. occasional white spots on the nails are, in ascending order.

Problems faced with  Nail and tips ,tricks related to hand nails 

  • many people said that In hand nails white spot a sign of calcium deficiency . However, it is only a misconception. Nails white spot no harm.
  • hair and nails to grow the same type of material keratin if we take Proper nutrition then the nails grow healthy.
  • Many people have the habit of biting nails. Many of concern nails reflex. Almost half of those aged the habit of biting nails But its not a good habit avoid this habit as early as possible .
  • A closer look at the health of nails quickly find errors. If a blue claws calculation of respiratory distress. If the disease were livid white. The loss of the natural color of the nails, gollapai brown spots, apparently, is no longer recommended dermatologist not be ignored.
  • ⇒ skin diseases are related to almost nails. Children, the elderly than young people are more likely to have problems with their nails.
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