earthquake updates Nepal India Ap vizag Live

find here earthquake Live updates of Nepal India Ap vizag , Nepal Convulse due to the sudden earthquake happen on Saturday around 10 to 11 . For this Nepal earth quake all buildings, residential complexes collapsed. Along with Nepal capital Khatmand and other places effected for this the earthquake . 83 kilometers away from the epicenter of the earthquake centered on the center of Nepal Khatmanduku . Lanjang in the earth quake has been recorded in Nepal.

earthquake updates In Nepal 

On the other hand concussive Kathmandu airport was closed  . Dust filled in the all palces in khatman , As well as Nepal . Also had an impact on the communication system. Telecom Services stalled. The Nepal? Were killed in one of the information so far. The oldest building is the wages of those who were killed in the earthquake magnitude. It is estimated that the impact of the severe earthquake in the Nepal border.

North, north-east of the impact of the earthquake in India: Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi Twitter reacted to the earthquake, .  earthquake information from the authorities, he said. North, north-east India, the impact of the earthquake, said that the Prime Minister Modi tweeted.

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