Is DRY fruits have an abundance of nutrients & Health benefits ?

Dry fruit like Cashew nuts,Walnuts,Raisins,Almonds is best for Health and Is Prune (DRY fruits ) have an abundance of nutrients and its used for good Health ? so here we give dome dry fruit health benefits when you have good Health means you are filling with Colors of feelings in your life the good health based on your Food habits so when ever you take dry fruite its better option for your health . the main benefits from prune  Iron is plenty of raisins. It encompasses the development of anemia. Vitamin B can be used in the production of blood cells. Prune the more lepton to control appetite. If daiting were so taken with food more often will, be taken. The anti-oxidants such as viruses, bacteria fighting. Because of the infection, such as fever, all hindered.

 Health benefits from Prune (DRY fruit ) 

 in the blood The toxin acidosis will causes for skin deceases , arthritis, cancer, tumors can cause them.  so in the dry fruit  have potassium, magnesium acidosis  protect the health of control. Since the bones are stronger than calcium raisins.  

Some other 5 best DRY fruit Health benefits 

thse are one of the top 4 Health benefits from DRY fruits

  1.  All Dry Fruit help control cholesterol
  2.  blood sugar
  3.  prevents migraines
  4. High blood pressure (BP).

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