wet hair Will cause to turn cold ?

today question is wet hair Will cause to turn cold ? With respect to the common the myth for cold as well as many speculated i.e wet hair out of the turn to cause Cold. Moreover, as soon as the hairbath also reason for the cold this is also one of the faithful for all people . 

Is it real wet hair Will cause to turn cold or fase ?

Drenched in the rain, calilo rotating the view that the common cold is also a long dive. 

Main cause for Cold In summer ? 

The common cold is caused by a microorganism. The cause of hundreds of types of viruses. The virus enters the body, the immune system will dominate.

 So above all the reasons for getting cold or does not come out of the water  or head bath or other silly reasons . Almost all of the viruses that cause cold locations, are all the seasons. 

Anthony into the health system of our body can have an impact only in weak time. As well as being longer, even at the risk of suffering from cold. so its better to cover your face with hands when youare sneeze.

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