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As long as a little plump is not wrong in itself. However, if the weight below or normal means its a limit reference to Good health. But if your weight is growing height means it causes as diabetes,BP. At that time you need to lose some weight then implications for the your Good health. In this particular article  let you know the if the weight exceed then which type problems come and how loose your weight all things .Before study this you can read this How to Lose Weight Home Remedies tips then you will know some useful information .

Stomach grow even more dangerous for health 

fat around the stomach called as Central obesity . We are multiple layers around the stomach. Central obesity  just inside the stomach, skin, muscle fat filled in the stomach . the people who are having obesity than those who grew up in the stomach getting Diabetes,height BP, hyper Exacerbating the condition of the fat in the blood simple  so the chances are more to come. Therefore, an increase in fat around the abdomen compared to the normal fat (belly up) is even more dangerous.when ever you want lose belly fat just follow this steps How can we reduce Abdominal or belly fat methods without doing without any exercise. That is not in our hands in order to Getting fat Endocrine problems, genetic factors,  Infect medication. Not in our hands, it can be avoided.

What example conditions to get weight 

 so in our daily life we use lifts without the need for stairs to up in house ,   you can use your remote to change TV channels , Using water tap , Showers at least no landing form the car we oreder the food to the mouth.   

Things to Do Every day For lose weight tips 
  1. You can need to Eat vegetables to help reduce fat .Reduce sugar to get a good health 
  2. its better eating fruits, cashew nuts, almonds, Pistachio nuts instead of Snacks 
  3. Drink plenty of water through out day . 
  4. Stay busy do work every time 
  5. Eat only from a plate 
  6. Don't skip meals.

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